Orthotherapy clinic specialized
in sports injuries

Since its official opening in June 2000, La clinique Médico-Athlétique Ortho-Fit caters to the needs of athletes of all ages and all levels. As an orthotherapy clinic specializing in sports injuries, it has established itself as a big player in the athletic community. It has done so by its individualized approach and quick results.

Its implication in the world of sports is vast:

2000 :  Royal Ottawa’s Du Maurier Classic (LPGA)

2001 :  National volley-ball tournament (cégep de Hull)

2002 :  In charge of the physical therapy for the female national
of the javelin throw (until to 2006)

2005 :  Jeux de la froncophonie (karate competitions)

2009 : Official clinic for the Ottawa Sooners (national junior football team)

Its ongoing implication with the Ottawa Sooners consists of evaluations and treatment of injuries, pre game preparations (treatments, taping, specific stretching, etc.) at home as well as on the road.



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